Representative Cases

Successfully defended a client who had lost her mother’s $1.5 million estate and recovered the estate. In addition, had a $500,000 judgment dissolved. Currently handling litigation against the former executor.

Successfully appealed a substantial judgment against real estate company in regards to the sale of commercial property and land. Remanded to trial court and case is ongoing.

Successfully defended a medical services business that had been sued by a competitor over a failed purchase of competitor’s business. Hired six weeks before a jury trial to replace ineffective counsel. Took 13 depositions in two week period, along with representing client in four highly disputed hearings, and secured settlement favorable to client.

Filed suit against Fort Worth mega-church to recover insurance proceeds from church member who signed over policy shortly before committing suicide. Representing children of deceased church member. Case has been in the appellate court, two district courts, probate court and county court, and highly litigated. Case is ongoing.

Retained by insurance carrier to defend Illinois company, who was sued in Texas. Secured settlement agreement with plaintiff, who then repudiated agreement. Filed suit on the repudiation. Case is ongoing.

Retained by an estate representative to recover proceeds of over $5 million dollar trust that should have gone to estate but was withheld. Litigation is ongoing.

Filed suit against large Texas municipality after a client sought to build an upscale carwash in an area zoned for such a use. Case is ongoing; however, case was recently abated pending appeal decision from the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans.

Successfully defended the Museum of the American Railroad in a lawsuit filed by the City of Dallas. The City filed the suit to force the Museum to vacate property it had occupied for approximately 50 years. A series of counterclaims filed by the Museum including breach of implied contract and adverse possession, along with aggressive discovery and a series of dispositive motions, facilitated settlement of the case at the fourth mediation session (ordered by the court).

Successfully defended a ranch owner in North Texas who was sued by an adjacent ranch owner to force the defendant to discontinue using a long-term private driveway. There was no written or recorded easement. After four years of highly contentious litigation, including extensive discovery and depositions, the case was won on a motion for summary judgment for easement by estoppel. Defendant obtained written recorded easement and recovered attorney’s fees.

Successfully defended a managing general agent in a series of lawsuits filed against him by an insurer based in North Texas and a reinsurer based on the Island of Nevis. Policies were issued for coverage of over-the-road truckers across the country – the lawsuit between the carriers and against the managing general agent resulted in over 40 separate lawsuits. Principal of the reinsurer was deposed in London because of active FBI warrants; when he was ultimately taken into custody in Canada, it turned out that he was using a false name because of flight from organized crime in New Jersey. Principal of the reinsurer allegedly died in federal holding cell – it is believed that he was actually placed into federal witness protection program. As a result of meetings with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, successfully argued that client was not criminally responsible - no charges brought.

Successfully defended a major steel recycler in the Fort Worth area in a federal case involving a series of code enforcement actions that would have shut down recycler. Prevailed against city and company remained in business.

Successfully defended a construction company when a worker was electrocuted on a job site during an excavation that encountered live electrical lines that were buried.

Successfully defended a homeowner involving a claim for severe injuries as a result of attempted repairs on a garage door opener.

Successfully prosecuted claims against a scrap metal operator who ordered 6 large roll-off containers from our client, the manufacturer, and then refused to pay for them. Obtained payment for the containers in addition to attorney’s fees and expenses.

Successfully prosecuted breach of contract claims against a golf course developer on behalf of a construction company when the developer reneged on its promise to pay a significant bonus if a certificate of occupancy was obtained by a certain date. Secured arbitration award along with attorney’s fees and expenses.

Traveled (William J. Brotherton) to Costa Rica to assist a client in securing land in the rain forest in order to develop ecotourism cabins. Spent over two weeks exploring the rain forests on the Pacific side of Costa Rica and meeting with landowners and government officials.

Ongoing, since 2006, defense of lawsuits filed against the Denton Central Appraisal District by commercial property owners alleging that the assessments on their property are excessive.