Client Testimonials

  • "We own several companies that help employers find good employees for commercial businesses and trucking operations. We have been in business for over 30 years. When we were sued over the actions of an employee, the Plaintiff asked for damages of $2 million. We went to the Brotherton Law Firm, because we knew that the firm handled complicated issues. In this case, the Plaintiff claimed that the actions of our employee caused agoraphobia, PTSD and other mental health issues. Over the course of the litigation process, Mr. Brotherton and his team conducted extensive discovery and depositions of doctors, employers and family members of the Plaintiff and was able to disprove that the Plaintiff’s health issues were caused by the actions of our former employee. As a result, the case was resolved in our favor. I would recommend to anyone that has a complicated litigation matter to strongly consider using the Brotherton Law Firm."

    ~ Lynne Von Villas, President, Employment Solutions, Inc. and Driver’s Depot, Inc.

  • "We own a ranch in North Texas along with a trucking company and several associated businesses. Our driveway to the ranch crossed our neighbors land and we had always assumed that there was an easement. When our neighbor sued to stop our use of the easement, we turned to the Brotherton Law Firm. When William Brotherton took our case, his 1st step was to contact the attorney for the neighbor to see if there was a friendly way to resolve the lawsuit. There was not and we were forced to litigate. Over the course of 4 years of complex litigation, Mr. Brotherton, his daughter Shawn, also an attorney at the firm, and his team of lawyers aggressively fought to save my easement. During the course of the litigation, Mr. Brotherton, a former professor of environmental and land-use law at TCU, dug out the historical background of our ranch and discovered that our driveway had been in use over 100 years. The court granted summary judgment in our favor right before trial, and we were able to recover some of our attorneys’ fees but, most importantly, we have a written easement that can never be taken away. Mr. Brotherton and his team were tenacious and I was glad to have them on my side. I recommend the Brotherton Law Firm enthusiastically."

    ~ Vicki Bartel

  • "We are a pipeline inspection company with projects all over the world. The Brotherton Law Firm has represented us in a number of matters over the years involving a variety of issues. In one case, Mr. Brotherton was able to successfully resolve a case in which a worksite death involving other contractors occurred, even negotiating a very favorable resolution with OSHA. Mr. Brotherton also successfully defended EEOC claims and contract disputes. We have always found that his law firm responds quickly to our questions and requests for assistance and we recommend the firm highly."

    ~ Ken Wells, PREsident, Houston Inspection Field Services, LLC

  • "As a former Allstate Insurance claims manager, I worked with a lot of law firms and the Brotherton Law Firm stood out. For over a decade, the Brotherton Law Firm handled some of our most difficult cases, producing defense verdicts or settlements that I never thought were possible. In some cases, the Brotherton Law Firm was handed cases on a Friday afternoon when trial was scheduled to start Monday, after our in-house counsel was not prepared to try the case. We always knew that we could rely on the Brotherton Law Firm. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know William J. Brotherton very well and I gave him special assignments that I knew only he and his firm could handle. For example, in one case, our insured got stuck in mud during a violent rainstorm, and when she was pulled out by another driver, she accidentally put her vehicle in drive and smashed the other driver’s head between the two bumpers. A pastor at the scene performed last rites as the driver’s wife held her spouse’s hand, convinced he was dying. He survived but suffered the effect of a lobotomy. To make matters worse, the insured driver had a prior DWI, and proceeded to receive another one after the accident. The policy limits were in the millions of dollars and in addition, there were significant assets at risk. Despite all this, Mr. Brotherton was able to settle this case for far under policy limits. In another case, an individual was attempting to repair a garage door opener for his brother and suffered horrific injuries when the spring became unbound. Mr. Brotherton, a former engineer, was able to unravel the technical issues and we prevailed on summary judgment. I highly recommend the Brotherton Law Firm."

    ~ Mariana Hammer, Allstate DFW Casualty Market Claims Manager (retired)

  • "We are a national railroad museum that has been operating for over 50 years. We originally were located in a municipal park, on a small piece of land, where we began as part of a State Fair in the 1960s. We had outgrown our location with some 35 pieces of railroad equipment, including many vintage locomotives and rail cars, and we began looking at additional locations. When we found a suitable piece of property in a new city that included financial incentives to move there, we advised the city where we had been located that we were moving. Unfortunately, it resulted in extensive litigation where the city sought to recover all of our museum equipment and property and to force us to move virtually overnight. We hired William Brotherton, a former railroader, to defend the museum. His firm mounted an aggressive strategy and fought tooth and nail. Through our darkest moments, he remained optimistic and spurred us on. Ultimately, he was able to secure a fair resolution of the litigation that allowed us to move out with all of our property and on our own time schedule. He was further able to secure a $100,000 donation to assist with our successful move into our new facilities."

    ~ Bob Laprelle, CEO of the Museum of the American Railroad