Represented a nonprofit organization who leased land containing environmental contaminants that required remediation. Representation of client during remediation to ensure that property is safe for their use of the property. Representation of client regarding recovery of damages.

Represented a real estate developer in a Clean Water Act violation. Developer was cited for stormwater violation, along with three homebuilders. Original consent decree stipulated fine of over $125,000; coordinated defense with builders’ counsel, and through two settlement conferences with EPA Region VI staff, negotiated developer’s fine to under $8000.00.

Represented purchaser of industrial warehouse in downtown Dallas. Adjacent to the site was a service station with a leaking underground storage tank, that was undergoing remediation. Coordinated with the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC), the oil company’s representative, and an engineering firm to determine future environmental risk to client. The purchase of the property was successfully concluded.

Served as a member of the Environmental Advisory Board for Marathon U.S. Realties, Inc., a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railroad. The board advised the company on national environmental issues. At annual meetings, presented a summary of pertinent environmental legislation enacted for the year and its impact on the corporation.

Coordinated development of a national environmental policy for a national roofing products company in Texas. The company had manufacturing plants throughout the country. Personally performed environmental audits at their plants in Louisiana, Texas, California, Georgia, AR, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and South Carolina. Significant issues included Title 5 Air permits, stormwater permits, wastewater permits and various remediation issues.

Retained by a national telecommunications company to present environmental law seminars at key management sites throughout the Southeast, including Charlotte, North Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Miami, Florida, and Jacksonville, Florida. The seminars addressed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility and Liability Act.

Retained by the Bill Priest Institute for Economic Development, Dallas, Texas, to present environmental law seminars to various small businesses groups. Topics included compliance with the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, RCRA and CERCLA.

Represented a commercial landowner in a land condemnation action for a state highway. Coordinated with land appraisers to develop comparables, and then argued for a representative land payment at the condemnation hearing.

Represented a family against a municipality that was taking family land through environmental condemnation for a new wastewater treatment facility.

Represented landowner in lawsuit against municipality after municipality annexed landowner’s property. Successfully obtained injunction against municipality; all issues ultimately resolved.

Filed suit against two environmental remediation companies for almost half million-dollar overcharge in remediation of national trucking company’s petroleum underground storage tanks at one of their major terminals. Case settled.

Represented scrap metal company after the Environmental Protection Agency submitted a consent decree calling for the scrap metal company to pay substantial de minimus contributions for a Superfund site cleanup. The Company paid no contributions to the EPA.

Have represented a number of commercial developers before various Planning & Zoning Commissions and City Councils regarding development approval.

Certified mediator. Member of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution