The Brotherton Law Firm has significant experience with insurance issues and litigation. The firm has provided representation in regards to the following areas relating to insurance defense:

  • Declaratory Judgment Actions To Determine Coverage
  • Insurance Agency Defense
  • Complex Insurance Litigation
  • Long-Haul Truckers Insurance Liability
  • Texas Insurance Code Litigation
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Negligence As It Relates To Coverage
  • Contribution & Indemnity
  • Trust Fund Litigation
  • Intervention Actions On Behalf Of Claimants
  • Death Case Defense
  • Coverage Opinions
  • Representation of Defendant Insurance Companies
  • Traffic Accident Litigation, Including Fatalities

Attorneys for the firm have deposed insurance executives, experts, agents, brokers and regulators in relation to insurance litigation. Further, attorneys for the firm have taken depositions in foreign jurisdictions, including Canada, the Caribbean and Great Britain. The firm has litigated or is litigating over 300 cases directly related to insurance coverage issues from a defense posture.